Physical possession of real Gold is a refreshing departure from the complex investments in the headlines today.

Safety, security, intrinsic value, immediate accessibility, liquidity, low risk - these are the benefits afforded to collectors who own physical gold assets. A welcome change from all the dollar-denominated, paper assets that fill our investment portfolios, physical gold provides the balance and diversification that smart collectors today know is critical to a successful investment strategy for the long term.

Referred to as the ultimate currency, gold provides us protection from the devaluation of paper fiat currencies such as the U.S. dollar caused by an "elastic" supply of money dictated by government actions and intervention. However, gold is not tied to any one currency or country but establishes its own value based on global supply and demand. Rising gold prices often serve as a "burglar alarm" that alerts us when inflation is stealing from our bank accounts and the buying power of our dollars is being lost.

Ultimately, gold is a timeless store of value, protecting those with the foresight to own it during some of the most uncertain and tragic times in history. The funds in your investment portfolio held as physical gold are shielded from devastating economic events such as stock market crashes, inflation, and other economic failures. For some of us, diversifying our investment portfolios with gold just makes common sense based on all of the uncertainty in the world today.

Statistics prove that in the last 10 years, gold has outperformed the Dow, the S&P 500, and the NASDAQ, and has been dubbed "the asset of the decade". Gold is an advantage for everyone seeking a sound and stable strategy for protecting their long-term savings.

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"My experience with Capital Gold Group has been nothing less than first rate. My account executive was extremely knowledgeable and walked me through my IRA conversion step by step. Since then, I have purchased gold for delivery. I feel like a valued client and have complete confidence in CGG."Laure W. | Baton Rouge, LA