Exploding into record high territory, silver's shining performance as affordable protection from inflation is appealing for portfolios of all sizes.

As more Americans awaken to the global effects of the devaluing U.S. dollar and rising inflation, physical silver offers an affordable advantage for anyone at any financial level.

As gold approaches new record highs, both seasoned investors and beginners are choosing silver to diversify their precious metals holdings and protect their retirement accounts and other long-term savings.

Predominant buying of silver, due to both its phenomenal growth and increasing industrial demand, has created a record-breaking year in silver prices.

With intrinsic value that is indisputable, the simplicity of physical silver offers a welcome change from complex investments. It is easily liquidated and provides the balance and diversification that smart investors today know is critical to a successful investment strategy for the long term.

Owning the two predominant monetary metals in the world, gold and silver, helps insulate your investment dollars from risk and can offer greater potential for growth.

Whether you are looking to invest $50 or $500,000, the funds in your investment portfolio held in physical silver are shielded from devastating economic events and the continued erosion of the value of the U.S. dollar. In today's uncertain economy, silver is beneficial to anyone seeking a sound and stable strategy for protecting their assets. Capital Gold Group is here to provide you with the knowledge you need to move forward with confidence.

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"I considered buying gold as a hedge against inflation and the falling dollar. My experience with Capital Gold Group has been extremely satisfying. The representative I have been dealing with has been exceptionally helpful and responsive to my particular situation and requirements. I'm totally satisfied, and I would highly recommend Capital Gold Group."Bernard R. | Homestead, PA