The Best Insurance Policy For Portfolios is Gold


Now that the fiscal cliff is behind us, the focus on the heightened uncertainty with our economy concerning the raising of the debt ceiling is taking center stage.  By now, I am confident that whether you are new to investing in gold or an expert, you understand that gold and silver holdings are the best insurance policy for portfolios under these circumstances.

Marc Faber, publisher and financial analyst, referred to gold in a recent CNBC interview as “an insurance policy for portfolios,” stressing that uncertainty about the future economic position of the world and geopolitical conflict are not situations to be taken lightly.

In addition to these ongoing issues, our government continues to create money without end, causing every dollar you possess to become worth less and less.  In contrast, gold and silver have gained value.

In September, 2001, one ounce of gold cost $285, and an ounce of silver was just over $5.  An ounce of gold today is valued at near $1700, while an ounce of silver is approximately $33.

It should come as no surprise that financial analysts like Faber and Jim Cramer are strongly recommending gold as an essential piece of every portfolio.

I suggest that as the new year begins, evaluate the diversity of your portfolio or long-term funds and increase your precious metals holdings. Financial institutions like Bank of America and TDS Securities are forecasting $2000 an ounce gold this year so take advantage of current prices.

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