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So, what's the catch?
There is no catch. We will send you the Definitive Gold Guide with valuable information to enrich your knowledge of gold ownership at absolutely no charge to you.
What sort of information is in the Definitive Gold Guide?
The guide is written in layman's terms and provides you with a basic education on gold, its historical performance and the driving factors behind it.
Can the Definitive Gold Guide be emailed to me?
Absolutely! The complete Definitive Gold Guide can be emailed to any email address you specify. Just remember to add "" to your address book.
Will the gold guide explain how a gold transaction works?
Your Gold Specialist can explain how a gold transaction works or you can review the Direct Delivery process here.
Does the gold guide contain pictures of the coins?
Yes. Examples of the various types of gold coins can be viewed in the guide, but the best place to view our coins is on our website.
Is there a catalog or pricing in the guide?
Because our pricing and inventory changes daily, it is not practical to include them in the Definitive Gold Guide. However, your Gold Specialist can answer inventory and pricing questions for you.

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