Capital Gold Group offers only physical precious metals - no ETFs, precious metals funds or futures. Just real, physical precious metals in your hands or in your IRA. Now that's safety.

There are two ways in which to own physical precious metals. In either case, a measure of safety, stability and risk management is added to the portfolio in which it is held, which is why we refer to precious metals as "portfolio insurance".

When the funds being converted into precious metals such as gold and silver are coming from a non-qualified account such as a savings account, CD, money market, or brokerage account outside of an IRA, we can ship the physical metals directly to the address you designate. This option is favored because physical possession of the assets gives you immediate accessibility and liquidity, and removes all counter party risk (risk of loss due to the default or non-performance by another party to the transaction). We also have insured, third-party storage options available.

When the funds being converted into gold, silver or other precious metals are coming from a qualified account, such as an existing IRA or 401(k)with a former employer, we can assist you in opening a Precious Metals IRA and transferring the desired percentage of your existing retirement funds into ownership of physical metals inside the IRA. IRS Code does require that assets in an IRA be held by a custodian or trustee, therefore, we have chosen Self Directed IRA Services, Inc., the most reliable precious metals custodian in the country, to administer our clients' accounts, with storage provided by Delaware Depository Service Company, a high security, licensed insured depository with safeguards in place for the protection of your IRA assets.

Whether in your hands or in your IRA, precious metals are one of the simplest, most conservative ways to protect your long-term savings and retirement.

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